I am looking for individuals for more photo shoot opportunities.  These could be portraits, cosplay, people in the outdoors, fashion, horror themed, or just about any creative artistic concept.  I will typically avoid photography that involves full nudity or overly adult content.

About me - My experience in photography initially started in High School yearbook and sports in the early 1980's.  It included some film and darkroom experience and continued into a few years of College.  I took an extensive break as technologies moved away from film towards digital.  In 2012 I was finally able to transition back into photography with a decent DSLR camera and I have been photographing everything of interest since.  I pride myself in being polite, professional and friendly to all. 

Most of my past work has been landscape and nature but I have been increasingly including much more portrait and fashion work.  Recently I have photographed two separate fashion show runways in the Portland area (the 2018 Modified Style Fashion Show and the 2018 Fringe Fashion Show).  I have experience working with other well known photographers in Portland and a select group of models as well.  Any of which I believe will give excellent feedback.  I would like to continue blending more of the human aspect, mood and emotion into my photography in creative and artistic ways.

Do you have a concept you'd like to do? a fashion design you would like to showcase? horror? moody? need Senior Portraits but on an extremely limited budget, want to expand your portfolio, or just want an opportunity to get out and have some photos taken? Let's discuss it and make it happen.

If it's a mutually beneficial idea we can approach it as a TFP project.  In exchange for you time and a model release, I'll provide you with some digital copies for your personal use and to share.  You are always welcome to bring a friend to assist or just for social support on any photo shoot.  I prefer and encourage it!.  If you are a minor, then knowledge, consent and participation by your parent(s) or other legally responsible guardian  is required.

I am available most evenings and weekends.

My previous work can be found on IG and FB with #danwebbphotography and here at www.danwebbphotography.com

Thank You

Dan Webb